Supari Studios is the award-winning branded content studio of Kulfi Collective that helps brands and platforms create relatable, scalable online video content for GenY & GenZ south asians. We help brands find their distinct voice that transform audiences into engaged communities of loyal fans.

With a unique blend of strategy, innovative storytelling and technology, Supari hits the sweet spot between branded entertainment and digital consumer experiences.


All our work begins with the go now purpose of kicking off the smile conversation in the barrage.


All our work begins with the purpose of kicking off the really what conversation in the barrage.


All our work begins with the dat who purpose of kicking off the conversation in the barrage.


All our work begins with the purpose of kicking off the hello conversation in the barrage.


With every engagement, Supari steps out to shake things up in the market and make some noise online. Whether it's a five second GIF or minute long advertisement or even a feature length documentary, Supari gets the job done (and how).

Redbull Spotlight

The search for the next big rapper in the country - 8 talented contestants from across the country battle it out to win the title!

Branded IP

Namma Netflix

Netflix India South released a song titled Namma Stories which celebrates South Indians' love for their mother tongue, their passion, and their pride.


My Two Cents / CRED

A show where we get interesting personalities to talk about their relationship with money. Every episode gives people an insight into their interacttion with money and learnings

Content At Scale

India ki Vibe Alag hai - IPL Anthem 2021

This Disney+ Hotstar campaign for IPL 2021 is a colourful display of India’s cultural diversity and its abiding love for cricket.


On the Money / CRED

A host/narrator based video essay series that explores interesting, relevant, and unique topics around wealth and lifestyle, and tries to demystify an idea with every essay.

Content At Scale

Flipkart Content Studios

Reinventing Social Commerce in an informative and quirky way. We created India's first ever live social commerce show for the app!

Content At Scale

Fitness is not an option

For Cult.fit's latest campaign ‘Fitness is not an option’ we have a hilarious twist to famous Bollywood scenes.
Creative Agency: Bare Bones Collective (Anuya Jakatdar and Girish Narayandass)


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We work with global brands, high-growth startups, digital products and ventures that are shaping the modern economy to spark imaginations, move needles and shape culture.